Partial Schema Upgrades

Change Manager

When comparing databases the differences can restricted to a subset of the target schema by filtering the object names. The filter is a regular expression used to match the object names of interest. There is a new page in the Change Manager wizard that lets you test your regex filter on the source and target databases. Only differences envolving objects with names that match the regex will be considered by the upgrade.


Packager Plus

There is a similar new page in the Packager Plus wizard. When packaging an existing database, the Partial Schema Upgrade page allows you to set and test a regular expression filter.

The whole source database schema is still packaged but when the package is run in upgrade mode the fillter is applied to the differences and only objects matching the filter will be upgraded in the target. This means it is possible to deliver upgrades to the part of the schema that you "own" even if it depends on the existance of objects that you don't own.